Hello! My name is Abigail, and I have a pretty simple dream. In my dream, Home is a haven for the lost and found and a space where everyone has a seat at the table. I don’t know if an online space can be a home, but if it could, I would fling the door open and throw my arms around your neck while exclaiming, “Welcome! Come on in!” I don’t know what brings you here, but you have found a fellow wanderer and companion on this marvelous, heartbreaking journey called life.

I am a middle child, compassionate to a fault, and a re-imaginer of what a life of faith and community can look like. After growing up soaking in the expansive sunsets and magical thunderstorms of Indiana, I moved across the country and now look out the window at majestic mountains. I am sometimes a nurse, often an explorer of faith and mission, and always a student. I am fascinated by the impact of trauma on the human experience and eager to discover the power of story and community to heal invisible wounds. I write about my journey of learning to mine glory from the mountains I’m climbing. Sometimes that means I’m digging for gold on the mountain of grief and loss, or singleness, or discovering what it means to pursue justice in this broken world. I want to learn from your mountains, too, and maybe pick up a shovel and dig up glory alongside you. Let’s learn and grow together, okay?

Even if we never sit across the table from each other over steaming mugs of coffee, I hope you hear me say… “You are a gift to this world. Welcome home.”